Quality Policy - Total Customer Satisfaction

In pursuing our vision to be the regional best power system solution provider, Matrix Power commits to comply and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. We strongly believed that the total customer satisfaction is able to be achieved by focusing on three fundamental pillars which are:
 Provide products and services which meet or exceed customer needs and expectations.
 Ship on the date required by the customer.
 Reduce all cost to the lowest possible level.



To meet our commitment, we must:

 Nurture the understanding of doing things right at the first time among the employees.

 Strengthen the technical and design capability of the engineering team.

 Promote a team approach to defect prevention and problem solving.

 Emphasize appropriate training for all employees.

 Recognize each employee's responsibility for quality.

 Empower employees to question processes which appear to produce discrepancies.

 Closely monitor and control the progress of every project using software.

 Manage the financing for projects execution.

 Accept only conforming products and services from suppliers.

 Elicit written corrective actions from suppliers.

 Reduce waste and inefficiency wherever found.

 Earn customer recognition of our quality progress.

 Develop and achieve Quality Improvement Goals.

 Practice good housekeeping.

 Review and renew this Quality Policy on a regular basis

Quality Policy Execution

On daily basis, Matrix Power emphasized each employee to produce high quality work based on the Quality Policy of the company.  It is very important in implementing projects to provide satisfactory end result to all our client. 

Client’s specification, internal estimation documents, project schedule, manpower planning chart, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning activities are documented at all these essential phases to ensure consistent, accurate and timely execution of the activities.

Quality documentation allows audit and reviews of operations to ensure compliance and corrective actions taken accordingly.