We provide ship's electrical design including power generation and distribution, auxiliary electrical systems and lighting network for our marine electrical customers.  Given the outline specifications for the vessel, we will produce the complete electrical design and obtain class approval.

Matrix Tabula Switchboard is the switchboard system is built according to IEC/EN 60439-1 and 3, Rated insulation voltage at 1000V.  Its degree of protection is of IP20-IP54, with forms separate 1-4 as standard, and equipped with fixed, plug-in type draw out cabinet

Major Characteristics
“Fully Draw-out”-service, test and insulated positions
Main current up to 630A
30 aux. contacts 2mA to 16A
Easy to combine draw-out with fixed assemblies

Important Details
Door is mounted on the cassette
Protected to IP2X in test position
Padlock facilities in test, isolated and removed positions
Cassette can be coded mechanically
The open design ensures easy accessibility
Draw-out and fixed assemblies can be combined in the same column

System Requirement
Fully type-tested and documented
ISO 9001 : 2000
Environmental declaration
A competent and international organization is behind
High level of experience
A system for the complete project
Optimum extension possibilities
Easy to service, designed for modern principles regarding maintenance
Economically attractive




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