AVR - Aeberle Voltage Regulator


All measurement, control and regulation tasks of tap-changing transformers can be executed using the new REG-DA voltage regulator.

The REG-DA regulator features a world innovation as it is equipped with a high-capacity transformer monitoring function in accordance with CEI IEC 354 (VDE 0536). This function allows the operator to call up information about the hot-spot temperature and the lifetime consumption of the transformer at any time. If required, the regulator can even activate up to six cooling levels. The oil temperature can either be recorded directly (PT 100) or via a mA input.

Apart from its basic function, every REG-DA voltage regulator can be used as a measurement transducer, recorder, statistical unit, paragramer and transformer monitor all at the same time. All important network measurement quantities are displayed in measurement transducer mode. The trends in the voltage that is to be regulated over time and a second, selectable, measurement quantity are shown in recorder mode. The statistical unit for the tap-change position offers a clear presentation of all switching operations of the tap changer. The paragramer provides a complete busbar simulation.

Interconnection of multiple voltage regulators on a network enables the mutual exchange of data between regulators over long distances.Various communications methods can be used to transfer data.This allows monitoring of multiple transformers from a centralised control centre. Parallel connection of several transfomers can be very easily implemented this way. Application-specific tasks can be implemented via freely programmable inputs and outputs. The REG-DA regulator is able to communicate with a control centre via all common scada protocols.

Characteristics of the REG-DA voltage regulator

• large backlit LCD (128 x 128) with all important information (tap-changer position,
  voltage, etc.)
• Measuring functions (U, I, P, Q, S, cos ϕ, ϕ, I sin ϕ, f )
• Recorder functions (2-channel chart recorder)
• Statistics functions (records total number of switching operations, switching
   operations per tap)
• Event recorder (log book)
• Transformer monitoring functions incl. recording of the hot-spot temperature and
   lifetime consumption
• 14 (26) freely programmable binary inputs• 9 (21) freely programmable binary
• Freely programmable analogue inputs or outputs (mA)
• Pt 100  direct input for RTD temp. probe (option)• Input for tap-potentiometer (200Ω...20kΩ  total resistance, option)
• Control of three-winding transformers
• Control of phase-shifting transformers
• Limit value monitoring for all measurement quantities
• 4 freely programmable set-point values
• Programmable rated values of U and I
• Parametric software WinREG for setup, programming and display
  as well as for PC-based archiving and evaluation of the recorder data
• Simulation software REGSimTM for the simulation of any parallel operation, network
  and load situations
• Implementation of freely programmable control tasks through
• Peripheral bus RS 485 (COM3) for additional interface modules (ANA-D, BIN-D)
• ParaGramer function for the display and automation of any parallel connections
  with up to ten transformers
• UL-certification