Capacitor Bank

The Matrix ENERSAVE is an automatic power factor correction equipment presented in indoor type panel. Its specially design to contribute to energy saving & power efficiency.

Function & Advantages
Contribute to energy saving & efficiency
Improvement in voltage & power quality by harmonizing electricity & eliminate transient
Reduce reactive power consumption through power factor correction
Avoid penalties power consumption through power factor correction
Avoid penalties for low power factor
Incentive on high power factor (if available)

It is suitable for SME business shop, office, factories that using:
a. Fast cycle equipment
b. Motor driven equipment (cold storage, laundry, machinery)
c. Fabrication workshop (welding, cutting machine, compressor)
d. Computer, sensitive equipment, electric, electronic equipment (eg. Cybercafe & Laboratories)

Technical Function
Microprocessor based intelligent auto switching
On/Off/Auto switches allow both automatic & manual control when necessary
Display of power factor reading
On site programmable with user friendly setting
A modular system for easy installation, operation & maintenance
Indication light for capacitor status
Product is available with 3 type of correction 0.6, 0.7, 0.8
Average of 2 - 3 hours of installation process (depend on site)
Size: 650 H x 550 L x 200 W