The advanced mGSolution™ has been designed and technically customized to be in line with the requirements of the Malaysian government’s ETP initiative for  Green Technology and Smart Grid System.

It is a locally developed solution tailored specifically for monitoring and managing electrical system effectively and efficiently. It does this by continuously collecting all information that flows within any given electrical grid system, which is promptly displayed on users’ workstations. The constantly updated information is stored in a centralized database and the mGSolution™ system adds value by automatic application of statistical and trending analysis that is presented in a simplified visualization to assist users’ decision making.

Under mGSolution™ two intelligent systems , namely the mSIMS™ and iDFR™, were developed. The two systems are leveraged on the latest patented analysis algorithm and  tailored with intelligent expert decision making capabilities, which provide complete analysis for optimized solutions.



mSIMS™ is a smart solution that maximizes the utilization of substation data and information infrastructure from various IEDs to support decision-making process, engineering, operation and maintenance, fault investigation, diagnostics, and asset management.

This capabilityis done by continuous monitoring and managing intelligently information from substation's primary and secondary equipment.

mSIMS™ follows the latest IEC 61850 standards that resolve many issues associated with non-integrated and non-standard systems and various proprietary (vendor specific) systems currently in use by many power utility providers. With mSIMS™, issues related to operational, maintenance, and implementation are easily resolved.

Hence,as a result, the system reduces operational cost and maximizes user's profit.

1. Systematic substation information management platform and engineering applications for analysis, asset management and decision making tools.
2. Standardized user interface with enabling applications to supportall the users'/stakehoiders' specific requirements.
3. Capital savings from standardized 61850 SIMS and lower maintenance costsdue to standardization of the system.
4. Web-based remote monitoring and hence reduce cost for system maintenance.
5. Built using modular and loosely-couple concept flexible to any business requirements.



The iDFR™ system provides a bulwark against issues that are associated with power outage, which is a major issue in many countries. Merely seconds of a power outage can result in malfunctioning systems and productivity deterioration leading to full-blown financial crises.

Most of the current Disturbance Fault Recorder (DFR) system is leveraging on fault recording for carrying out analysis. However, these solutions require high technical skills for conducting successful and meaningful analysis and deciding on the proper course of follow up action. As such, there is a need to have a smart and intelligent solution to eradicate uncertainty and to control unpredictability. The solution is found in iDFR™, an advanced analysis tool that provides continuous automated monitoring and analysis.

1. Faster, accurate and reliable decision making system.
2. Eliminates uncertainty of relay operations by continuous recording and fault analysis of actual equipment behaviour.
3. Improves the power system performances and minimizes the power outage by controlling the unpredictable.
4. Early faulty equipment detection and hence reduces the cost of failure and maintenance.
5. A single platform to monitor and analyze infonnation from various off-the-shelf recording systems and hence reduce power utility operational cost.
6. iDFR™ Recorder is is extremely ruggedized with hot-swappable industrial I/0 modules and powered by reconfigurable I/0.

Matrix Power Network Sdn Bhd’s  mGSolution™ delivers the power of information into the hands of power utility providers, enabling the monitoring and managing of power related equipment effectively and efficiently.

A direct benefit of this solution is the reduction of operational cost and it is unsurpassable  mobility  access over multiple platforms and interfaces via PC, laptop or tablet. Coupled with its embedded intelligent functions for smart analysis and action recommendations, the mGSolution™ system offers huge value for money.

This value extends to consumers who will be able to manage and monitor their  own power consumption via integrating their system with Smart Meter; while Smart Home user will be able to monitor generated power and profits from selling surplus back to the grid.

Matrix Power Network Sdn Bhd offers an intelligent information-savvy system that will enhance your capability to Manage Your Asset Intelligently and tackle issues with solutions that are able to provide an integrated bulwark that Predict - Prevent – Protect from losses and inefficiencies.



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