For your information, Offline filtration system only remove approximately 10% of the moisture in the transformer. However, 90% of the moisture is trapped in the insulation paper. So, how to remove the remaining moisture? There is a best way to filter your power transformer. The solution of this problem is Online Filtration System.



  • Save Cost: Do not have to take the transformer out of service.
  • Real Time Monitoring:
    1. SMS reporting of daily moisture results.
    2. SMS Alarm for:
      a) Lifespan of filter/absorption media.
      b) Clogged fine filter.
      c) Leak in the system.
      d) Manual stop/start the system.
      e) Motor overloaded.
  • Efficient:
    1. Ease of installation and commissioning.
    2. Ease of operation – less human intervention.
    3. Ease of filter canister change.
    4. Efficient operation – runs on less power.
    5. Smart play module feature – self-control to run at predetermine hours per day to allow sufficient time for stubborn moisture to slowly release to oil.
  • Long Term Solution: Extend lifespan of power transformer in minimum effort or downtime by:-
    1. Reduce TOTAL water content to below 5 to 10 ppm.
    2. Improve BDV test value to above 60kV.
    3. Improve and recover MBDW to grade B or A.
    4. Increase IR value.
    5. Improve Substantially transformer Power Factor